2-Furoyl chloride 527-69-5

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2-Furoyl chloride 527-69-5

  • Product name : 2-Furoyl chloride
  • CAS: 527-69-5
  • MF: C5H3ClO2
  • MW: 130.53
  • EINECS: 208-422-9
  • Character: manufacturer
  • Package: 1 kg/bag or 25 kg/drum
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    Product name:2-Furoyl chloride




    Melting point:-2°C

    Boiling point:173-174°C

    Density:1.324 g/ml at 25°C

    Package:1 L/bottle, 25 L/drum, 200 L/drum


    Items Specifications
    Appearance Colorless liquid
    Purity ≥99%
    Color(Pt-Co) ≤10
    Water ≤0.5%


    Organic synthesis.


    2-Furoyl chloride is a corrosive liquid boiling at 173°C, which is more irritating to the eyes than benzoyl chloride.

    2-Furoyl chloride is a useful pharmaceutical intermediate and is used in the synthesis of mometasone furoate,

    an antiinflammatory prodrug used in the treatment of skin disorders, hay fever and asthma.


    Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse.

    Keep away from fire and heat sources. Avoid direct sunlight.

    The package is sealed.

    It should be stored separately from acids and edible chemicals, and mixed storage should not be avoided.

    The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.


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    Delivery Time

    1,The quantity: 1-1000 kg, within 3 working days after get payments
    2,The quantity:Above 1000 kg, Within 2 weeks after get payments.

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