4-Methylanisole 104-93-8

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4-Methylanisole 104-93-8

  • Product name: 4-Methylanisole
  • CAS: 104-93-8
  • MF: C8H10O
  • MW: 122.16
  • EINECS: 203-253-7
  • Character: manufacturer
  • Package: 25 kg/drum or 200 kg/drum
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    Product name:4-Methylanisole




    Density:0.969 g/ml

    Melting point:-32°C

    Boiling point:174°C

    Package:1 L/bottle, 25 L/drum, 200 L/drum


    Items Specifications
    Appearance Colorless liquid
    Purity ≥99% 
    Water ≤0.1%
    Phenol ≤200ppm


    It is used to prepare nut flavor such as walnut and hazelnut.


    It is soluble in ethanol and ether.

    Delivery Time

    1,The quantity: 1-1000 kg, within 3 working days after get payments

    2,The quantity:Above 1000 kg, Within 2 weeks after get payments. 


    1, T/T

    2, L/C

    3, Visa

    4, Credit card

    5, Paypal

    6, Alibaba trade Assurance

    7, Western union

    8, MoneyGram

    9, Besides, sometimes we also accept Bitcoin.


    1 kg/bag or 25 kg/drum or 200 kg/drum or according to customers' requirement.


    Handling and Storage


    1. Precautions for safe handling


    Advice on safe handling


    Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of vapor or mist.


    Advice on protection against fire and explosion


    Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking.Take measures to prevent the build up of electrostatic charge.


    Hygiene measures


    Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. Wash hands before breaks and at the end of workday.


    2. Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities


    Storage conditions


    Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place.


    Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent




    Storage class


    Storage class (TRGS 510): 3: Flammable liquids

    First aid measures

    1. Description of first-aid measures

    General advice


    Consult a physician. Show this material safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance.


    If inhaled


    If breathed in, move person into fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration.


    Consult a physician.


    In case of skin contact


    Wash off with soap and plenty of water. Consult a physician.


    In case of eye contact


    Flush eyes with water as a precaution.


    If swallowed


    Do NOT induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Rinse mouth with water. Consult a physician.


    2. Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed


    The most important known symptoms and effects are described in the labelling


    3. Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed


    No data available

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