Furfural 98-01-1

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Furfural 98-01-1

  • Product name : Furfural
  • CAS: 98-01-1
  • MF: C5H4O2
  • MW: 96.08
  • EINECS: 202-627-7
  • Character: manufacturer
  • Package: 1 kg/kg or 25 kg/drum
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    Product Name: Furfural
    CAS: 98-01-1
    MF: C5H4O2
    MW: 96.08
    EINECS: 202-627-7
    Melting point: −36 °C(lit.)
    Boiling point: 54-56 °C11 mm Hg
    Density: 1.16 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
    Vapor density: 3.31 (vs air)
    Vapor pressure: 13.5 mm Hg ( 55 °C)
    Fp: 137 °F
    Storage temp: 2-8°C
    Form: Liquid


    Inspection items Specifications Results
    Appearance LIGHT YELLOW; YELLOW LIQUID conform
    Water MAXIMUM .0.1% 0.07 %
    Assay ≥98.5% 99.02%
    Total acidity MAXIMUM 0.016mol/l 0.012mol/l
    Conclusion conform


    Use 1: Used as a raw material for organic synthesis, and also used in synthetic resins, varnishes, pesticides, medicines, rubber and coatings, etc.

    Use 2: Mainly used as industrial solvent, used to prepare furfuryl alcohol, furoic acid, tetrahydrofuran, γ-valerolactone, pyrrole, tetrahydropyrrole, etc.

    Use 3: as analytical reagent

    Use 4: Used for tanning of noodle leather.

    Use 5: GB 2760-96 stipulates that it is allowed to use food spices; extraction solvent. Mainly used to prepare various thermal processing flavors, such as bread, butterscotch, coffee and other flavors.

    Use 6: Furfural is the raw material for the preparation of many drugs and industrial products. Furan can be reduced by electrolysis to produce succinaldehyde, which is the raw material for the production of atropine. Some derivatives of furfural have strong bactericidal ability and a broad spectrum of bacteriostasis.

    Use 7: To verify cobalt and determine sulfate. Reagents for the determination of aromatic amines, acetone, alkaloids, vegetable oils and cholesterol. Determine pentose and polypentose as standard. Synthetic resin, refined organic matter, nitrocellulose solvent, dichloroethane extractant.


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    Storage precautions Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.
    The storage temperature should not exceed 37℃.
    Keep away from fire and heat sources.
    Keep it away from light, and the packaging must be sealed and not in contact with air.
    It should be stored separately from oxidants, alkalis, and edible chemicals, and avoid mixed storage.
    Do not store in large quantities or for long periods of time.
    Use explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities.
    It is forbidden to use mechanical equipment and tools that are prone to sparks.
    The storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials.


    1. It is non-corrosive to metals and can be stored in iron, mild steel, copper or aluminum containers. In the air or when exposed to light, it will gradually turn brown, so it should be kept away from light and filled with inert gas for sealed storage.

    2. Stability and stability

    3. Incompatible materials, strong oxidants, strong alkalis

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