Stevioside/TSG95RA50/Sweeteners Stevia/cas 57817-89-7

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Stevioside/TSG95RA50/Sweeteners Stevia

  • Product name : Stevioside
  • CAS: 57817-89-7
  • Appearance: White powder
  • Specification: TSG95RA50
  • Part Used: Leaf
  • Character: manufacturer
  • Package: 1 kg/bag or 25 kg/drum
  • Grade: food grade
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    What is stevia?

    1, Plant-based 100% natural sweetener extracted from leaves of stevia rebaudiana

    2, Zero calorie sugar substitute

    3, Potency of 200-400x the sweetness of sugar

    4, Approved by regulatory bodies and food safety experts worldwide and in all major markets including US, Europe, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, and many more

    5, Enjoyed by 5 billion people around the world in their food and beverages

    6, JECFA – globally recognized standard


    Product features

    1, Pure natural  

    Sweetener extracted from stevia leaves naturally by water.

    2, High sweetness

    200-450 times higher sweetness than that of cane sugar.

    3, Low caloric

    Only 1/300 of cane sugar.

    4, canonical

    Saving more than 60% cost compared to cane sugar.

    5, High stability

    Stable under the condition of acid alkali. hcat and light

    6, High safety

    Recognized as safe sweetener bv the FDA and JECFA.



    1. TSG Series

    Specifications: stevia 80%, stevia 85%, stevia 90%, stevia 95%

    TSG series is the most widely used stevia product.

    2. REB-A Series

    Specifications: RA 99%, RA 98%, RA 97%, RA 95%, RA 90%, RA 80%, RA 60%, RA 50%, RA 40%

    Rebaudioside A(RA) is a component of stevia extracts with the best taste, with fresh, cool and lasting taste,no bitter aftertaste, which is manufactured from a special kind of stevia materials.

    RA can improve the taste of food, as well as the product quality and grade.


    Item Method Specification Result
    Appearance Visual White to off-white fine powder White Powder
    Taste Organoleptic Sweet Sweet
    Total Steviol Glycosides (Dry Basis, %) JECFA2010 Not less than 95.0 95.8
    Rebaudioside A (Dry Basis, %) JECFA 2010 Not less than 50.0 57.4
    Loss On Drying (%) JECFA 2010 Not more than 5.0 3.5
    Ash (%) JECFA 2010 Not more than 1.0 0.07
    pH, 1% in Water JECFA 2010 Not less than 4.5; Not more than 7.0 5.9
    Arsenic (As) AAS ChP2015Part4 (2321) Not more than 1.0 ppm Not Detected
    Cadmium (Cd) AAS ChP2015 Part4 (2321) Not more than 1.0 ppm Not Detected
    Lead (Pb) AAS ChP2015Part4 (2321) Not more than 0.5 ppm Not Detected
    Mercury (Hg) AAS ChP2015Part4 (2321) Not more than 0.1 ppm Not Detected
    Residual Solvents JECFA 2010 Methanol, Not more than 200 ppm <50 ppm
    Ethanol, Not more than 3000 ppm <25 ppm
    Total Aerobic Bacteria ChP 2015 Part4 (1105) Not more than 103 cfu/g <10 cfu/g
    Mold& Yeast ChP2015 Part4(1105) Not more than 102 cfu/g <10 cfu/g
    E.Coii ChP 2015 Part4(1106) Negative/ g Negative
    Salmonella ChP 2015 Part4 (1106) Negative/25g Negative


    1, Beverages (excluding packaged drinking water)

    2, Tea products (including flavored tea and tea substitutes)

    3, Flavored fermented milk

    4, Frozen drinks

    5, Table-top sweeteners

    6, Candied and preserved fruit

    7, Jelly

    8, Cooked nuts and seeds

    9, Candies

    10, Pastries

    11, Puffed food

    12, Modulated milk

    13, Canned fruit

    14, Jams

    16, Canned coarse grains

    17, Instant cereals, including rolled oats

    18, Flavoring syrup

    19, Integrated alcoholic beverages

    20, Pickled vegetables

    21, Fermented vegetable products

    22, New soybean products (soybean protein and expanded food, soybean meat)

    23, Cocoa products, chocolate and chocolate products, including cocoa butter substitutes

    24, Biscuits

    25, Condiment

    26, Concocting wine



    Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.

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