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  • Product name : Dimethyl adipate
  • CAS: 627-93-0
  • MF: C8H14O4
  • MW: 174.19
  • EINECS: 211-020-6
  • Character: manufacturer
  • Package: 25 kg/drum or 200 kg/drum
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    Product name:Dimethyl adipate/DMA




    Melting point:8°C

    Boiling point:109-110°C

    Density:1.062 g/ml

    Package:1 L/bottle, 25 L/drum, 200 L/drum


    Items Specifications
    Appearance Colorless liquid
    Purity ≥99.8
    Color(Co-Pt) 10
    Methanol ≤0.05%
    Water ≤0.03%
    Acidity(mgKOH/g) 0.2


    It is used as powder coating curing agent, diol production raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, ink solvents, paper additives, perfume, plasticizer, etc.


    It is soluble in alcohol, ether, insoluble in water.


    Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. 
    The storage place must be far away from oxidizing agents and reducing agents. 
    Do not store together with acids and alkalis.


    Keep away from oxidants, reducing agents, acids and alkalis. Avoid contact with eyes and skin during use.

    Chemical properties: Hydrolysis, alcoholysis, and ammonia (amine) reactions can occur under the catalysis of acid or base.


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