Gadolinium nitrate 94219-55-3 manufacturer price

Gadolinium nitrate 94219-55-3 manufacturer price

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Product Name: Gadolinium nitrate
CAS: 94219-55-3
MF: Gd(NO3)3·XH2O
MW: 343.26
Melting point: 92℃
Density: 2.406
RTECS: LW4550000
Form: Crystalline Aggregates
Color: White


Gadolinium Nitrate is used for making optical glass and dopant for Gadolinium Yttrium Garnets which have microwave applications, also applied in special catalyst and phosphors.

Gadolinium Nitrate is also used for making green phosphors for color TV tubes.

It is used in many quality assurance applications, such as line sources and calibration phantoms.


Storage conditions
Airtight at room temperature, cool, ventilated and dry

Post time: Sep-29-2022