What’s the CAS number of Malonic acid?

The CAS number of Malonic acid is 141-82-2.

Malonic acid, also known as propanedioic acid, is an organic compound with the chemical formula C3H4O4. It is a dicarboxylic acid which contains two carboxylic acid groups (-COOH) attached to a central carbon atom.

Malonic acid has many uses in various industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and chemical industry. It is commonly used as a building block for the synthesis of a variety of chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and flavorings.

In the pharmaceutical industry, Malonic acid is used to synthesize drugs such as barbiturates, which have sedative and hypnotic properties. It is also used in the production of vitamin B1, an essential nutrient that helps the body convert food into energy.

Malonic acid and its esters are mainly used in spices, adhesives, resin additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, electroplating polishing agents, explosion control agents, hot welding flux additives, and other aspects. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used for the production of Rumina, Barbital, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Phenylbutazone, Amino Acids, etc. Malonic acid is used as an aluminum surface treatment agent, and as it only generates water and carbon dioxide during heating and decomposition, there is no pollution problem. In this regard, it has significant advantages compared to acid based treatment agents such as formic acid used in the past.

Malonic acid is also used in the chemical industry as a reagent for a variety of chemical reactions. It is often used in the synthesis of complex organic molecules and in the production of specialty chemicals.

Additionally, Malonic acid has potential applications in the field of renewable energy. Researchers are exploring its use as a precursor for the synthesis of biofuels, as well as its use in the development of rechargeable batteries.

Overall, Malonic acid is a versatile and valuable compound with a wide range of applications in various industries. Its potential uses in renewable energy and other fields also make it a promising area of research for future developments.

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Post time: Nov-16-2023