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Pyridine 110-86-1 best price

  • Product name : Pyridine
  • CAS: 110-86-1
  • MF: C5H5N
  • MW: 79.1
  • EINECS: 203-809-9
  • Character: manufacturer
  • Package: 1 kg/bag or 25 kg/drum
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    Product Name: Pyridine
    CAS: 110-86-1
    MF: C5H5N
    MW: 79.1
    EINECS: 203-809-9
    Melting point: -42 °C (lit.)
    Boiling point: 115 °C (lit.)
    Density: 0.978 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
    Vapor density: 2.72 (vs air)
    Vapor pressure: 23.8 mm Hg ( 25 °C)
    Refractive index: n20/D 1.509(lit.)
    FEMA: 2966 | PYRIDINE
    Fp: 68 °F
    Form: Liquid
    Color: colorless
    PH: 8.81 (H2O, 20℃)


    Items Specifications
    Appearance Colorless liquid
    Purity ≥99.5%
    Color(Co-Pt) ≤10
    Water ≤0.5%


    1. Used as an organic solvent, analytical reagent, also used in organic synthesis industry, chromatography, etc.

    2. Used as a raw material for extracting and separating pyridine and its homologues

    3. Edible spices.

    4. Pyridine is a raw material for herbicides, insecticides, rubber auxiliaries, and textile auxiliaries.

    5. Mainly used as a raw material in the industry, as a solvent and alcohol denaturant, also used in the production of rubber, paint, resin and corrosion inhibitors, etc.

    6. Pyridine can also be used as a denaturant and dyeing agent in the industry.


    1 kg/bag or 25 kg/drum or 50 kg/drum or according to customers' requirement.



    Delivery Time


    1,The quantity: 1-1000 kg, within 3 working days after get payments


    2,The quantity:Above 1000 kg, Within 2 weeks after get payments. 


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    9, Besides, sometimes we also accept Bitcoin.


    1. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should not exceed 30°C.

    2. It should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, and edible chemicals, and avoid mixed storage. Use explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities.

    3. It is forbidden to use mechanical equipment and tools that easily produce sparks.

    4. The storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials.


    1. No decomposition under normal temperature and pressure. Prohibit contact with acids, strong oxidants, and chloroform. Copper containers should not be used. Avoid storing it with strong oxidants such as peroxides and nitric acid.


    2. Pyridine is relatively stable to oxidants and is not oxidized by nitric acid, chromium oxide, potassium permanganate, etc., so it can be used as a solvent in the oxidation reaction with permanganate. The role of hydrogen peroxide or peracid becomes N-oxide (C5H5NO).


    3. It is difficult for pyridine to undergo electrophilic substitution reaction, nor does Friedel Crafts reaction occur. During nitration, a high temperature of 300°C is required to obtain 3-nitropyridine, and the yield is low. But it is prone to nucleophilic substitution reaction. For example, with sodium amide to produce 2-aminopyridine. When platinum or alkali is used as a catalyst to interact with heavy water, the second hydrogen of pyridine can be exchanged with heavy hydrogen.

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